Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do Not Turn Your Back on Something Not Understood

It amazes me the people that turn their backs on something they don’t understand or know nothing about. People will make a decision about something before they get all of the facts or information. They will say to themselves…this won’t work, this can’t work, this will not work or I can’t do this.

Have you then just wanted to scream and kick yourself repeatedly for not at least taking the time to research it and get all of the facts? Did you make the decision to not have a look because of your own choosing, or the input of family and friends? Are you the type of person that can’t make a decision without all of the input from everyone else?

Many opportunities have been lost or cast aside because of people pre-judging whatever is put before them. If this is the way that you approach things then you may be making one of the biggest mistakes in your life. Have you ever said “NO” to something and then find out later what a great deal or opportunity it turned out to be?

Case in point…I used to be a “Used Car Salesman” and this older fellow walked on our car lot carrying a paper bag and no one wanted to wait on him because he looked very unkempt and everyone said he was a zoo-bag (car salesman lingo) and was a waste of time. I was new so I waited on him and guess what…the bag was full of cash. He bought a new car; I made a big commission and learned a huge lesson that day.

“Do Not Pre-Judge or Pre-Qualify Anyone or Anything Until You Get All The Facts”

I also know a lot of people that suffer from this disease called “Analysis Paralysis” which is one of the most absurd things around today. When you finally agree to take a look at something and see the possibilities you then go into the analysis stage, never get any further with it, never make a decision and it passes right before your eyes.

I understand that research has to be done and all of your questions need to be answered but give me a break…how long should this step take? I am sure you have heard that timing is critical for an opportunity as well. If you take weeks or months to make a decision then you are missing out on a lot of opportunities to go to the next level.

When something is put before you take the time to learn about it and make your own decisions about it. Don’t depend on family and friends to do the research and help you make any decisions on what you should be doing. If they think it won’t work then you can be sure of one thing…this is what they will tell you and that is what will happen!

How do you think your life would be today if you had gotten involved with Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Twitter or any of the other huge companies out there? They all started with an idea and a plan of action, they all started from nothing and now they are all worth millions or billions of dollars. How would your life be different?

The point I am trying to make is this. There are companies out there today that are poised for massive success and ready to take the market and the world by storm. When you see one with the possibilities to do this then you should be ready to take action ASAP and stake your claim to them because they will wait on no one.

When you find something that is on the forefront of technology, has a plan in place, has the systems in place, the “Answer” you have been looking for and the “Solution” you have always wanted, don’t wait. Do not turn your back on something you don’t understand because you will be making the biggest mistake of your life.

Don Egnor

What Do You Say To Prospects?

Have you ever had these questions or concerns...?

"How do I get my prospects to see the big picture like I do?"

"What do you tell people when they say they don't want to sell?"

What is your response when asked in a fearful or quippy tone, "Is this one of
those pyramid deals?"

One of the hardest lessons everyone must learn when it comes to sponsoring is the willingness to "just say no."

I want you to read those questions again and notice what each of them have in common...

Do you see it?

In every case, a hard working net worker is unwilling to let go of a bad prospect.

Please let this sink in... Sponsoring someone is NOT your goal here but sponsoring the right person is.

The "right" person has a deep desire to start a home business and already sees the big picture. The "right" person knows exactly what a networking business is because they've been doing their homework at the local book store for months or investigating online.

The "right person" does not have ridiculous pre-requisites for owning a business like "I don't want to sell." The "right" person knows that it takes money to make money. The "right" person doesn't whine, complain, or make excuses.

So here's what I say when any of those questions arise...

"How do I get my prospects to see the big picture like I do?"

You can't get your prospects to do anything, nor would you want to. The desire MUST already be in place and it cannot be injected into them by you or anyone else.

It can only come from within that person.

Answer: "Thanks for your time John, but I don't think this is right for you."

"What do you tell people when they say that they don't want to sell?"

Again, trying to sponsor a person who asks a question like this is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

They're obviously not right for this business. Let them go.

Answer: "Thanks for your time John, but I don't think this is right for you."

What is your response when asked in a fearful quippy tone, "Is this one of those pyramid deals?"

This is someone who would "like" to make money from home, but they have no real intention of doing so at all. If they did, they would have done enough research by now to know the difference between a networking business and a "pyramid."

By now you already know my answer and here's my point...

You don't answer questions like these because the answer is irrelevant. These aren't the people you're looking for so let them go.

Staying emotionally attached to the outcome with prospects like this will doom your business.

It leads to frustration, doubt, and confusion... All of which is unnecessary.

I started sponsoring people at will when I finally became willing to let them go... When I became "willing" to sponsoring someone, instead of "needing" to... When I held all the power in the interaction instead of my prospect.

I know that "letting go" of your prospects in order to sponsor more of them might seem backwards, but it makes perfect sense once you understand the psychology of attraction.

Your foundation of attraction is based on the level of value you have to offer others.

Coming across as needy or desperate in anyway is like holding up a sign in front of your prospect that says, "I have NO value!"

So it becomes very important that you demonstrate your ability and willingness to "let your prospects go".

Successful Partners don't" need" to sponsor more people. They don't "need" to return phone calls, or constantly chase down prospects.

And once a prospect realizes that about you, is the moment they'll feel a strong desire to work with you.

I hope this gives you a better insight into the sponsoring process. We're looking for the people that are truly looking for us.

Success Is A Choice, Make It Happen, See you at the TOP!!

Don Egnor
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