Monday, December 22, 2008

Do You Have That “Easy” Button For Your Business?

So you have been looking for weeks, months or years for that perfect business which is going to set you free from the corporate rat race, answering to someone else all the time and promises to let you live life on your terms. You are supposed to make enough money to travel, get that new house, new car, boat or new airplane.

You feel like you have finally run across the perfect opportunity, with the right product, right pay plan, the best mentors, the right systems with all the help you should ever need. You were sponsored into the business, given your new website, got your shiny new brochures and have everything in place you need to get started making that serious money, and it has been a long time coming.

You have been on the webinars, conference calls, talked to your upline people, interacted with associates who have been in the business, read and re-read all of the information you could get your hands on. You are excited and ready to go kick some serious butt and set the world on fire! You are going to be the next “Diamond” in your company and nothing is going to stop you.

Here we go…you approach some of your friends and family, tell them you found that “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity, they just have to join you, they won’t get another chance and this is the deal that will set all of them free! They look at you and say…are you crazy! They think you are a real goofball for getting involved in anything like that and start hiding from you when they see you coming.

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks up side of your big head…BAM! You start thinking to yourself, what did I get myself into here? Where is that freaking “Easy” button when you need it? This was supposed to be “Easy” and all I had to do was what everyone told me and I would make all the money I could ever hope for! Then you start thinking like 95% of the other people out there…I made a mistake, it will never work, I can’t do this and I wasted all that money.

Welcome to the world of the Internet Marketer, MLM’er, Direct Sales, Relationship Marketing or whatever term you have for it. Whoever told you this would be easy just lied to you, pulled the wool over your eyes or hoodwinked you…period. Were you really that na├»ve as to think all you had to do was sign up and put your income on autopilot in the beginning? Wake up and smell the Starbucks coffee…I am going to shout here…WAKE UP!

Nothing worth having is ever easy and you need to remember that my friend. You will never get anything for next to nothing or free. Anything you will ever get in this life will cost you something in return, be it time or money so if you got involved in any business and expected there would be no work involved, then you need to have someone kick you…after you kick yourself first. There isn’t and never will be an “Easy” button for any business, I don’t care what it is!

This is one of the main reasons that 95% of people that get involved in an MLM or Direct Marketing company will fail. It takes work and you have to be able to handle rejection. When you go out and start telling people about your new business, you should be looking for the no’s. If you go out and expect to get all yes’s then you are going to get a shock, give up and eventually just quit…like that other 95% do. Then you are just going to set yourself up for failure, which is not why you got started in business for yourself.

The biggest thing that drives me in my business is my “Why”. Why do I get up in the morning, why do I talk to everyone about my business, why do I feel sorry for those that do not join me, why do I smile and move on when someone tells me no and why do I keep doing what I am doing? I don’t want to retire and depend on my family, charity or the Federal Government to take care of me.

According to the Social Security Administration, when we retire then we will collect on average, a whopping $1083 a month in benefits for all of our hard work. Give me a freaking break already so listen up, because I am going to yell again…WAKE UP! With all the other junk going on today like stocks falling, 401K’s losing value every day and Real Estate values tanking, all these huge companies getting bailout money, massive layoffs and now the Big 3 automobile manufacturers asking for money, are you as comfortable with your nest egg as you once were?

There have been more millionaires made from MLM and Direct Selling than any other industry in the world. This is the only industry that has seen an upward spiral for the last 20 years and even major corporations use the Direct Selling model in their business. Direct Selling is one of the best things you can be involved in at this time in our history if you do what you need to do and stay away from all of the negative crap that some people say about it. They will be the one’s that fail at it and never really give it a fighting chance anyway…so who cares about them?

You need to take the right posture with your business and let people know that you don’t really care if they join your business or not. You ask yourself why I would say that. I can say that because it is true and it is the way that I feel…I don’t really care! I live by the 4SW rule…Some Will, Some Won’t, So What and Someone’s Waiting. You need to take that posture also, find your “Why”, never give up and never say “I can’t do this”. The minute you utter those words then just give up and go back to your job…if you still have one.

Please remember also there is no “Easy” button for anything you ever do in your life. When you talk with people that tell you any business is easy then just turn around and walk away so you can save yourself a lot of time and grief. If you have the guts and perseverance to stick with it though, the rewards can be outstanding, not only in time and money but the quality of life…if you find the right company to work with because I am living proof of that. If you are still looking for that “Easy” button then go to Office Depot because I will tell you this, they are the only one that has it and the only place you will ever see it…I’ll guarantee you that.

Don Egnor
TFF-The Mastermind Group

Friday, December 5, 2008

Are You A Victim of the Dreaded “NBT” Syndrome?

How do you like that question and what do you think it means? If you don’t know then you have to keep reading to get the full understanding of what it is and how it affects your life and your business.

The “NBT” will keep you from achieving success in life if you become a victim and can’t control what it will do to you. If you know what it is then you already understand the consequences of this killer syndrome.

The “NBT” will eat away at you like a flesh eating virus with no cure. It will cause you to have sleepless nights, terrible days and an overwhelming feeling of dread and insecurity and really make your life miserable.

This syndrome will cause you to make bad decisions, give up, not finish what you started and lead you down the path of indecision and ruin. It will make you snap at your friends and family, kick the cat or dog and throw your computer out the freaking window!

I used to be a victim until I got the help I needed to understand it and learn how to handle and overcome the problem. The “NBT” has cost me thousands of dollars and quite a few of my friends and acquaintances.

Thankfully, I have gotten most of them back after I realized what the issues were and begged for their mercy and finally got them to forgive me. It was not an easy thing to do though, because I thought they were the problem because I was the guru, and nobody knew more than I did!

How many emails and phone calls do you get on a daily basis from someone trying to get you involved in their “NBT” world? These individuals feed off people like you and I and promote the “NBT” as if your life depended on it and make you have nightmares if you don’t listen to them.

They will give you stories, screen shots, testimonials, videos or whatever it takes to pull you in. They can make it sound like you will fall off the face of the earth, never have anything, never be successful and nobody will hang out with us if we don’t listen and participate in their “NBT”.

They will say this is your one chance in a lifetime, price is going up, and taking the page down among hundreds of other ruse’s and so called incentives in order to get you to jump on board now. This is just my opinion but I don’t understand why anyone would want to deal with people like that.

Once you make up your mind to start a business, be it totally internet driven, person to person, MLM, direct selling (relationship marketing) or whatever, then you should not let the “NBT” get between you and your goals. It will make you second guess what you are doing and make very bad decisions, which ultimately will hurt you.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get involved with any opportunity, until you are 100% sure of what it is that you actually want to do. Do not just jump on something because someone said it is the “NBT”…do your research and make sure. Once you do start your business then don’t let anything or anyone sway you from your goals and dreams.

You need to be totally focused on what you are doing and devote your time and resources to that business. If you subscribe to the “NBT” then you most likely will not be very successful in what you are pursuing. The “NBT” will poison your mind and make you feel like you made a bad decision about your business.

Don’t lose sight of what it is that you are trying to accomplish with your business, stay away from the negative people (sometimes your friends and family are the worst) stay true to yourself, be persistent, never give up, always be there for your team, always be willing to go above and beyond and most important of all…do not fall for the pitch and the ploy of the “NBT”.

When you start your new business, then you don’t need the “NBT” because you already have it! If you are still looking for the “NBT” then you have already made a mistake with what you are doing. If that happens then you may as well scrap everything and just start over, because you will always be unsure and hesitant. Then you can be among the thousands of people that are still looking for the Next Big Thing.

Don Egnor
TFF-The Mastermind Group

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How May I Help You Today?

I hope you are having a fantastic I am and always do!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Keys for Success in Direct Selling and MLM

Have you ever given any thought really as to why most people aren’t successful and never will be? Or that some people just have success and they seem like they are not even really trying? Some of the biggest reasons most people don't find success is they will never pull the trigger and really do anything, some people are still looking for that “cheap” program to make them rich and most important is there is no system in place to insure them of a “predictable outcome” which is the money.

I get inundated on a daily basis with something I term as NBT…the “Next Big Thing” and the $10-$20 programs that will make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. There is never any work involved and I can do everything on auto-pilot, work 30 minutes a day and retire wealthy in 30-60 days…you have got to love that! I can take pictures for BIG money, sell the next big health juice, do affiliate marketing, sell Tupperware, get into cash gifting, work on Ebay, Amazon or do a travel website.

I really do wish all these folks the very best but...WAKE UP EVERYONE!!! There is NO $10 program out there that will make you rich, everyone and their brother is an amateur photog, there are hundreds, if not thousands of cash gifting programs, the affiliate marketing scenario is everywhere, Tupperware is history (do like my lovely wife and buy from HSN or QVC) there are hundreds of Travel Sites with cheap this or that and with Amazon or Ebay you have to constantly keep on top of everything so your information don’t get lost among the hundreds or thousands of other people doing the same exact thing!

If the vast majority of people really cared enough about their health to drink all the potions and health juices then every fast food joint in the country and around the world would close. Give me a break...not everyone cares and most never will! That is just not human nature and we have to accept it. The internet today is filled with so much stuff that is just “pure junk” so we have to sift through it to find anything that really works, and is not the “same old things” that are falling on deaf ears today. You have to be very careful with what you get yourself involved in as a bunch of these people are only interested in separating you from your money, then disappearing.

Why would you even think of doing something that everyone else is doing? You need to work on things that everyone else has not jumped into. You will have to make an investment into your business and your future if you are truly serious about what you want to achieve because nothing in life is free and the only thing $10 dollars will buy you is a six pack or a cheap bottle of wine. You need to get mad and upset (with yourself) when you see the people that are living the life they want and on their terms, not having to answer to someone else and do what they want, when they want to do it. I don’t care if you have $10 bucks in your pocket you need to take the posture that you have $500 because it is all about what you project and how people see you as an entrepreneur and the expert that you are.

Do you really know or has anyone ever told you what it really takes to be a success in anything? You have to be able to recognize when a business is credible and has huge potential and dig deep to see how results are produced through the systems available. You have to be able to follow a system that has already been proven to work because it is a well know fact that nothing will work without a system in place. The system has been proven to work time and time and time again. When there is not a great system then you are just out there floundering around with no specific direction and no end in sight which will not give what you are seeking, remember the “predictable outcome”?

You have to believe in yourself as an entrepreneur because if you don’t think you can do it then guess what...YOU CAN'T...and you never will unless you change that attitude. You have to make a commitment to succeed and let nothing or no one stand in your way or stop you. If you can't or won’t commit then just quit wasting yours and everyone else's is too short for that. You have to take action and be a team player so quit getting ready to make your first million and take that first step. If you are afraid to take the leap then you need to back up from the edge, and move your life in another direction.

This is what the person that you get into business with, join, sign up under or build a business with should tell you. I'm not trying to "sell you" something or "enroll you" or make you believe that this is easy. I have nothing to sell you and I know I can't convince you. You have to convince yourself that lots of money and freedom is what you want. I'm not interested in you just signing up, but becoming successful. For that, you'll need to know what I know because we need to build a relationship and work together.

I'm more valuable to you than just a sponsor. I am your teacher and the teacher of the associates you bring into your business. I am a resource to you because I know more about the business than you do in the beginning, but I will teach you. I don't just talk about making "money", I want to make money but there are other things that are needed first. I show results, I offer solutions and I have marketing systems that work. I can give you advice and show you how to do it right the first time, but you will have to listen to me…because you need to learn.

I can and will, offer you the following five guarantees. I guarantee you that if you keep on doing the same things you are doing right now; your income will be the same. I will guarantee you that if you don't build and accumulate residual income; you will never be wealthy or free. I guarantee you that if you don't take risks, you won't ever get ahead. I guarantee you that if you stop working, for any reason, your income will stop. I will guarantee you that if I stop working; my income will grow because of my business model and the certain steps I take to again, assure myself of the “predictable outcome”.

It don’t matter what you decide to get involved in just remember this one thing also. No matter how good your product is, if you don’t have the perfect system in place, Save Yourself Stress Time Energy and Money, then chances are you will not be successful. Do you think that McDonald’s restaurants are so successful because their food is great or because it is good for you! They are so successful because they have a system in place that if you follow it, you will not fail. They have the system that will give you the predictable outcome, which is money. Ray Kroc sold people what they wanted with McDonalds, which was a system to make money.

I hope you have gained some insight on what it will take to be successful today in Direct Selling and MLM. This is the only industry that has seen steady growth and increase over the last 20 years with no signs of slowing down. There are literally thousands of people a week around the world that get involved with our industry but unfortunately, the vast majority of them will fail because of the reasons above. My friends, it doesn’t need to be that way as you will find success if you get involved with the right company, the right product, the right system and the right person.

Like myself, and my good friends and business associates Thea Woods, Gary & Joan Smith, Paul & Linda Pickern, Mark Robinson, Mike Alstott and Bryan & Robert Conley (the infamous Brooksville, FL twins) remind each other on a daily basis…never stop, never quit and never say “I can’t do it”, because you can. I think it is really cool how we all think alike because it is obvious we are on the same wavelength. You should never get to the point where you are making excuses all the time, giving up, letting the negativity get to you (like listening to so-called friends or family, who by the way, will be your worst enemy) or giving people the green light to steal your dreams. When this happens go find some new friends, hang out with successful people and tell your family to bug off, take a hike and come back after their negative attitude has improved…and it will sooner or later.

Don Egnor
TFF-The Mastermind Group

Sunday, November 2, 2008

NEED Is Not A Powerful Motivator...

If you want to make a change, it has to be a WANT, not a NEED.

I have been studying successful people all my life. No one ever became rich because they needed it. NEED is not a powerful motivator. If that was true, any Joe Tow Truck driver out there would be rich.

You have to WANT it. So when you "talk to yourself", what do you say?

This is what I say:

I'm in constant competition with myself, I'm my worst critic, I'm always measuring my hunger to achieve and making sure that I'm not becoming lazy. Also to remember that I'm not getting too comfortable, that I'm as hungry as I was, back when I was BROKE.

I constantly reflect on these things to keep my hunger in check. And it reminds me of the four things that lead to my success.

1) Having an extraordinary will to achieve.
2) Taking massive action in spite of personal challenges.
3) Having no fear of making mistakes or trying to be perfect.
4) Taking myself seriously and making becoming successful a top priority.

I had no time for excuses and you can only do one or the other...not both.

Those four things were and still are an important part of my success.

And it's the lack of these four ingredients that cause most people to
"drift" through life and reach old age as failures. The harsh reality is that more than 95% of the people do just enough in life to get by.

They do just enough, so as not to "rock the boat", so that they can
arrive at their graves safely. And when you think about it, it's sad. The #1 reason most people don't become millionaires because they are coached by the wrong people.

Now I ask you this...who's your coach? Who are you listening to? Who's giving you advice on how to make money?

Did anyone ever become a millionaire because of their coaching and advice?

Are you reaching your full potential? If not, why not? Is it possible that you have the wrong information? Is it possible that you are not inspired enough to get really rich? Are you willing to accept the right mentor?

I can tell you this...whether you work or not, you have the wrong information
or you bought into the wrong business model.

First, I never, never, never work by the hour. It's never profitable enough.

Then I asked myself these (6) empowering questions every morning:
1) What would I attempt to improve today to make my business faster?
2) What can I do today that will make a breakthrough in my program?
3) What can I do today that will bring me closer to achieving the goals I set for myself to accomplish this week, this month or this year?
4) How would I feel right now and how would I behave if I knew that I was totally successful and unstoppable?
5) What will the next (6) months of my life be like if I don't totally commit,
totally follow through, take action and make things happen now? What will they be like if I do?
6) What can I do today that will teach and empower my partners and affiliates to become the very best they can be and earn as much as possible?

I asked myself these questions every morning when I was broke and had nothing.
I continue to do this every morning even now.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Industry That Is Set For A MAJOR Explosion!

I usually tend to write all of my own material and not use other information I find all over the internet. Today though I am going to write and pass on something my friend Jonathan Budd sent me the other day. Jonathan is a very successful marketer and entrepreneur and is really committed to helping everyone he can. You can see more of him at: so hopefully I can let more people know about him and his way of doing business.

The first thing I want to say is that the above link is not an affiliate link, I do not get anything for sending you to the link nor do I expect anything from Jonathan. I do this because he is a fantastic person and everyone can benefit from his expertise. He has been in the trenches, came out of them and rose up in a blaze of glory so Jonathan is the epitome of success and I would advise everyone to pay close attention to him.

In the event you do look over his information though, please feel free to tell him that Don Egnor sent you his way and I am a really cool person! Who knows…he may give me a gazillion trillion dollars for sending you in! In the event he does this then I will personally bail out our great country, fire a bunch of people and let the entrepreneurs run our country. At least if I can do this then the American people will have someone helping them that are actually in touch with reality.

First off…Jonathan and I could CARE LESS about what is happening in the economy. Now before you pull out the tar and feathers let me explain to you why I say that. We all need to fully realize that our financial situation and how much wealth we can create has nothing to do with what the masses are doing or what is happening in the economy. Just look at past history if you will for a moment…some of the greatest fortunes have been made in massive times of financial stress.

Money does not just disappear; no one is out there burning up money and money is always exchanging hands. When one group is losing money then another group is making it. All that is happening on our planet now is a transfer of wealth. Just look at it this way…the truth is starting to finally emerge. People were living on illusionary money because they bought more than they could afford and were borrowing money to do it. It was money they really didn’t have and was not in alignment with the “liquid capital” they created.

Money will be transferring from “old money” to NEW MONEY. More and more people will become wealthy because of what we are seeing right now and there is ONE industry (Network Marketing / Direct Selling) that is set for a major explosion. Traditional jobs are drying up, paying less and everything is getting tighter, especially consumer loans. You need to think about this…where are all the ambitious people going to be turning when they decide to take their financial life in their own hands?

They will be looking to the internet, direct selling companies, good MLM companies (they are out there) and finding the opportunities that will really let them have control over their life and everything that goes with it. Today you have the EXACT same opportunity in front of you and fortunes are being made as I am writing this.

The only question is…which path do you want to travel down? Do you want the path of scarcity and fear or do you want the path of abundance and appreciation? It’s really that simple. Once you pick which path you are traveling down…just eradicate everything else from mind that is counter to your choice. Reality is and always will be what you make of it. Your beliefs will shape your own life 100x times more than what is coming from the “talking heads” on your TV every single night & day.

I know there are fortunes that will be made as wealth transfers from one group to another. I know that our industry is going to be one of the last TRUE sources of real opportunity for people who have more spirit and determination to invest than they have money. There is plenty of money and abundance out there…you just have to want it bad enough and know the principles of attaining it.

There will be enormous amounts of people coming on line within the next 12-24 months and the internet is going to be awash with people looking to start a business and earn more income. There are 175,000 people in the US and over 500,000 worldwide that get involved in a Direct Selling/MLM company every week! We have the ONLY industry that in the past 20 years has steadily been climbing with NO DOWNTURNS.

Find yourself a GOOD company with great support; get hooked up with all of Jonathan’s information, let me help you (this is what it is all about anyway) take your destiny in your own hands and prosper in these times. Ask yourself this; if you were presented with the opportunity to take the reins of your own life and create your own destiny, would you really take it? Or would you make a bunch of excuses about why it’s impossible?

I hope you have enjoyed this and thanks again for letting me share information with you. As always, I also want to thank Jonathan for letting me use some of his writings. Jonathan, you are the best and truly an outstanding individual…may peace and prosperity always be with you my friend. Call or email me if I can ever help anyone, in any way!

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Friday, October 3, 2008

Working With The Right Leaders

My wonderful wife, soul mate and best friend Kathy were driving back from Indian Rocks beach yesterday after spending about 3 hours soaking up the sun and playing around in the surf. One of the 3 hours we were there was because of waiting on our son-in-law Dale to bring us the extra set of keys to my car.

One of my Business Associates Paul had called wanting me to speak with one of his prospects about our business. When I got something out of the trunk of my car then somehow the keys ended up being locked in that same trunk. I am going to blame Paul for it…although he doesn’t know it yet! I guess it was the excitement of the moment because we were helping someone take control of their life, so it was worth it.

Anyway…we were driving back and I got a phone call from a very nice fellow by the name of Scott. He was calling from Mississippi and was very surprised that I answered the phone…imagine that! We started talking about a couple of things and then he said something I will always remember.

Scott had found me on one of the forums on the internet about home based business opportunities and was really shocked at what he found. He said that he was really surprised that I put all of my contact information in the forum, which I do for every ad, blog and posting that I ever put out for the world to see. He told me that he rarely has ever seen that!

He said if he does run across it and tries to call someone they never answer the phone and if he leaves a message they will never call him back. I suppose people don’t put a lot of their contact info in there because of all the freaks and idiots around today…which I do understand that mode of thinking.

Folks, there are so many so called opportunities out there today and I am sure you get inundated with all kinds of offers for everything. I don’t understand why anyone would ever get involved with anything where you would not be able to actually speak with the person about the opportunity and I am not just talking about sending an email and maybe getting a reply in 24 to 48 hours. Some people say you can get in touch with them after you join the opportunity though. My question is…what good is that?

I would think that the person would want to speak with you before they actually gave you their hard earned money! I want to speak personally with people before they do and that because I don’t want everyone in my business! You, as the prospect for the business, should want to get all the information before you actually join the business. Hence this is why you have my contact info so you can find out who I am, how I think and what kind of person you would be dealing with.

To me that is so important! Scott seemed surprised because I was not trying to sell him something, which I think is great. To me the business I am in is not to just sell you, it is about building a relationship, being friends and finding out about each other. I will not sponsor everyone in my business because if it isn’t right for you I would not want you to even consider it. My biggest fear is your failure because I don’t want to see you fail…period! That is what it should be about and not just making the “Quick Buck.” The money is not that important to me…the relationship is, both personal and in business.

If you can’t speak with the person before you get involved then how can you be sure they will be there for you when you really need them? Will they be there if you need a question answered or to speak with one of your excited prospects about YOUR business? Will they be there for you if there is a problem and you need help getting it resolved? I have never seen anything that can be put off for 24-48 hours…especially in the business world...your business world!

So…all of my contact information is below and please keep one other thing in mind. In an age where the term "job security" is becoming non-existent, massive layoffs are becoming as common as white bread, retirement plans are in jeopardy and banks are crashing -- if you were presented with an opportunity to take the reins of your OWN life and create your own destiny, would you REALLY take it? Or would you make a bunch of excuses about why it’s impossible.

I believe it's VERY possible. After all, a wise man once said, "You can either MAKE things happen, WATCH things happen or ask WHAT happened." If I can ever help you in any way please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call me as I love helping people achieve their dreams. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day…as I am!

Don Egnor
FFE-The Mastermind Group

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Truth About Multi Level Marketing & Your Future

One of the old tales about Multi Level Marketing is being shattered as I write this. It used to be when you asked someone to join in your business here is the first sentence...Is this one of those MLM or pyramid schemes? I had an uncle, cousin, brother, dog, cat, horse, monkey or whatever that got involved in one of those things 10 years ago and lost his money...I'm not interested!

Direct Selling and MLM is THE ONLY industry that has had steady upward growth for the past 20 years! This is not just something I pulled out of the air people...It is a fact I can prove to you! Think about that, the ONLY industry that has seen this kind of growth! Should this not tell you something?

Look at the economy today and see for yourself what is going on! There is NO job security, massive layoffs and retirement plans and banks are collapsing! The average worker at age 62 will receive Social Security benefits of $1,083 a month. Over 96% of all Americans will retire financially dependent on the government, family or charity.

Multi Level Marketing is being taught in colleges today which just tells me it is a widely accepted and viable way to build wealth. In fact, it is one of the BEST ways to build wealth and guarantee yourself a better life. Never let nay-sayers stand in your way. I can't stand the thought of working for someone and have them telling me what I am worth and trading my life for the pittance which they will offer me.

I am sure you are aware of the fact that over 90% of people who are getting ready to retire really can't afford to. It breaks my heart to walk into some fast food joint, department store or gas station and see our senior citizens working just to make ends meet or to pay for food and utilities for the home they still owe money on. This IS NOT the way this country is supposed to be!

We all have to take the responsibility for our actions and get to where we can live our life on our terms! We need to get to the point that we are able to help people if they need it, give to charity, give to the church, hand a homeless person a $100 bill, pay someone’s doctor bill or save an animal or a beloved pet. This is what living on this earth is all about and nothing else. If I can help enough people get what they want, then I will receive everything I need.

Don Egnor
FFE-The Mastermind Group

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get Mad And Make A Decision To Change!

I mean it... Get *REALLY* mad!

Get MAD anytime you have to do something that you
don't really want to do (like going to work FOR
SOMEBODY ELSE early in the morning)...

Get MAD for all the times you've wanted to buy
something nice for yourself, go on a vacation, take the
day off, but couldn't afford it...

Get MAD if you've ever worried when the stock market
goes down...

Get MAD if there has ever been an opportunity to
improve your life or the life of people you love, but
you couldn't take advantage of it because of time or
financial limitations...

Get MAD if what you *REALLY* wish you could do in this
life isn't happening YET...

Why I'm a telling you to get mad? Don't all the
self-help materials tell you to keep a positive
attitude... things will "work out"???

Guess what... THEY'RE WRONG!

*Before* you jump in and ride positive attitude parade,
you need to get red-hot, ***boiling*** MAD about the
way things are RIGHT NOW... It's only when you GET
MAD, get fed up and get really irritated with the way
things have been or the way things are now that you
will take the ACTION necessary to change your current
situation and make it into something better.

We are creatures driven by two desires only:

1) The desire to gain pleasure.

2) The desire to avoid pain.

And the latter is stronger than the former. We are much
more motivated to *avoid pain* than to gain pleasure.
Yes, we are all driven by the carrot and the stick, but
fear of the stick will get the average person moving a
lot faster than a salad at the end of a hard days

Why do you *really* go to work every day? Is it because
your pursuing your passion and some grandiose goals? I
truly hope so! But most people get up and go to work
because they FEAR losing their job and ending up
homeless on the side of the streets begging for KFC
leftovers to get them through the night... The desire
to avoid this horrific pain is EXTREMELY motivational,
isn't it?! USE IT!!!

Don't fight against the forces that govern your very
existence... pleasure and pain. Use them wisely to your
benefit. If you know that pain motivates you, MAKE
change your current circumstances. It's OK to use your
imagination here.

Think about what would happen if you got fired and
couldn't find another job for the next 6 months... How
freaked out would you get then? Feel that.

Think about what would happen if you simply did nothing
different for the rest of your life and continued to
live the "status quo", do-what's-expected-of-you
lifestyle that's got you this far, and left many of
your most sacred dreams and ambitions on the table. How
painful will it be to be on your deathbed knowing that
you never even tried to do what your heart was telling
you that you *really* wanted to do in this life? Feel

Think about what not having enough time or money is NOT
ALLOWING you to do that you really, really, really,
really wish you could do (insert all the things that
are important to you but seem out of reach right now
here)... Feel that.



..... and then RIGHT NOW, before the feeling fades away
or is numbed out of existence by your favorite
television show or alcoholic beverage, MAKE A DECISION
to change. That's all it takes. As soon as you decide
that you've HAD ENOUGH with the mediocrity you've
accepted up to this point, the world shifts on it's
axis and will present you with new ways to think, new
ways to act, new ways to LIVE.

Big doors swing on small hinges and the hinges that
open the doors of opportunity are always the DECISIONS
we make about what we will and what we won't settle
for in our life. If you allow yourself to get MAD
ENOUGH, the "settling point" for what you can and
will receive in your life will be raised and you will
experience a better future... a future more closely
aligned with WHAT YOU WERE BORN TO DO here on Earth.

as you start creating your life on your terms the way
you always hoped it would be... and it can my friend -
it really, truly can!

When I *GOT MAD*, I decided to find a better way to make
my living contrary to what my parents and society at
large told me was possible... I'm so glad I did
because now I'm living my dream life and helping
others live theirs.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

“Tell Your Business Associates What Your Expectations Are For Them”

No matter what the business is that you decide to spend your time on, you MUST have the vision to see it through! Any Direct Selling, Relationship Marketing (this is my favorite term for the MLM business) you need to look where you are going, not where you have been.

It is just too easy to make the excuses that it won’t work for you. There are tons of people giving the same old BS excuse which is one of the reasons of why they aren’t successful, and never will be.

You are not a salesperson in this business, you are a TEACHER! In order to be successful you have to teach. This is one of the principles I talked about in a previous article on Magnetic Sponsoring.

When you sponsor someone into your business (note that I said sponsor, not signup) you have to train and teach them to be successful. You NEED to tell them what your expectations are for them! You also want people who are coachable.

If they can’t play by your rules, do what you say and take direction then they will only waste your time and theirs also. People must want to be taught or you may as well go beat your head against the wall!

You need to set the rules of the game...period, end of the story! Don’t call and try to beg people to get involved in your business. If you have to beg then they won’t be any good to you anyway. This is where they will become a burden to your organization.

I want to help the people in my organization who are floundering, and I will ALWAYS be there for them if they need me, morning-noon-night. One of my biggest reasons for living is trying to help people get ahead in this world.

People will get psyched up, fired up, enthusiastic and ready to go when they first get involved. If you don’t stay with them, teach them, show them and keep reminding them of why they got involved they will have a hard time making it in Relationship Marketing.

It doesn’t matter what MLM company you get involved in the bottom line it is building a relationship and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

If you don’t like people, can’t make friends or aren’t comfortable interacting with people (even crowds of people) then you should go get you a 9 to 5 job and just be done with it.

I could never get that kind of job because I can’t stand someone insinuating (for whatever they decide to pay you) this is all you are worth. Get out of that scenario!

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Monday, September 22, 2008

The American Dream

When you look for an opportunity today do not make the mistake of just seeing all the flash, smoke and mirrors along with all the tricks and outlandish promises all over the internet today. You should look at a company that will give you the support and tools needed to help you succeed and prosper.

Please beware of all the organizations that say you will get rich overnight, free, no work involved, autopilot and all the other tricks they use in order to suck you into their world and take your hard earned money. You and I both know there is no such thing as a free ride and if you fall for that you will be very disappointed…this I promise you.

You should work with someone who really cares about you, will help you, give you all the necessary training and make sure you have the information and tools to prosper…I am that person. There are so many scam artists out there today and 98% of them just want your money and will suck the life out of you.

If you have tried a Networking Marketing company before and were not successful then guess what…It is not your fault. I am here to tell you that I can make a difference in your life because I care about you and will help you build your business. Most Network Marketing companies will get you involved, sign you up, take your money and say there you are…go get your piece of the American Dream!

I will say this to you…that IS NOT the way it is supposed to work, that is not the way it works with Talk Fusion and that is not the way that I work! If you remember just one thing it is this…If you help enough people get what they want and need in life then you will live a life of abundance…both in riches and spiritually.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Friday, September 19, 2008

How To Build YOUR Business

“Tell Your Business Associates What Your Expectations Are For Them”

I just want to post a bit of info today which I feel is the groundwork for any marketing organization. I stick to these principles in my business every single day and they have served me well.

No matter what the business is that you decide to spend your time on, you MUST have the vision to see it through! Any Direct Selling, Relationship Marketing (this is my favorite term for the MLM business) you need to look where you are going, not where you have been.

It is just too easy to make the excuses that it won’t work for you. There are tons of people giving the same old BS excuse which is one of the reasons of why they aren’t successful, and never will be.

You are not a salesperson in this business, you are a TEACHER! In order to be successful you have to teach. This is one of the principles I talked about in a previous article on Magnetic Sponsoring. When you sponsor someone into your business (note that I said sponsor, not signup) you have to train and teach them to be successful.

You NEED to tell them what your expectations are for them! You also want people who are coachable. If they can’t play by your rules, do what you say and take direction then they will only waste your time and theirs also. People must want to be taught or you may as well go beat your head against the wall!

You need to set the rules of the game...period, end of the story! Don’t call and try to beg people to get involved in your business. If you have to beg then they won’t be any good to you anyway. This is where they will become a burden to your organization.

I want to help the people in my organization who are floundering, and I will ALWAYS be there for them if they need me, morning-noon-night. One of my biggest reasons for living is trying to help people get ahead in this world.

The fellow who started Magnetic Sponsoring (Mike Dillard) has the same passion. I have never had the pleasure of personally meeting Mike but I hope to someday get the privilege.

People will get psyched up, fired up, enthusiastic and ready to go when they first get involved. If you don’t stay with them, teach them, show them and keep reminding them of why they got involved they will have a hard time making it in Relationship Marketing.

It doesn’t matter what MLM company you get involved in the bottom line it is building a relationship and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

If you don’t like people, can’t make friends or aren’t comfortable interacting with people (even crowds of people) then you should go get you a 9 to 5 job and just be done with it.

I could never get that kind of job because I can’t stand someone insinuating (for whatever they decide to pay you) this is all you are worth. Get out of that scenario!

I know of course, you DO realize that anything you ever attain or any money you make is predicated upon the amount of work, the perseverance you have, you being coachable and following a perfect system already in place for you.

The owner & CEO of this wonderful company we all know and love, (Bob Reina) has the same passion for helping people and we all will do whatever we need to help you reach your goals.

Get in touch with me, get off the couch, get involved, use the product and spread the word. Talk fusion is the wave of the future and it is only going to get better! Just please remember that Don tried to tell you, so you better listen.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Have You Ever Said This To Yourself?

Have you ever said to yourself; if only I had someone or could find someone to help me, I really believe that I could make money with any company? In the event you have then welcome to the club! If I started a club with these parameters then I would have a huge following and a never ending supply of people to talk with about an opportunity.

There are just so many people out there today trying to sell you everything from travel sites, juices, lotions, potions, age reversing secrets, gifting programs and anything else to try and rake you into their world of make believe riches and grandeur.

Don’t get me wrong…I am not and never would say ANYTHING against any of these organizations and what they are trying to do. Everyone needs to make a living doing something and these people have simply taken the path they feel will get them to their magical world of prosperity and well being.

Listen folks, I have been through a ton of opportunities myself, searching for the magical product, riches, lifestyle and all of the other things that go along with being able to quit working for someone else, and live life on my terms without having to answer to anyone. Guess what…it took me over 2 years and thousands of dollars to find what I wanted to do! Talk about learning hard lessons that I will never forget!

Please notice one thing though above all else, a good marketer can make anything sound good and draw you into their world. Get in now…last chance…I’m pulling the web page down…you will never see this again…yadda, yadda, yadda. If they need to resort to this type of marketing then I would suggest you turn around and send those emails to your SPAM folder so they won’t take up room in your coveted inbox.

One of the big keys to success is getting involved with a company where you can build a huge business, but are also able to have a product you can promote to anyone in all of those other organizations! When you find something with both of those qualities then you can feel good about getting involved with that organization.

Another HUGE key is having/getting ALL of the support that you need in order to be successful. If you get into an organization and never get to work with, speak with, network with, train with or learn from then you will fall out quicker than a monkey trying to climb a greased flagpole! After this happens then you get such a bad impression that you will say everything is total crap and never be successful at anything…and who can blame you?

Most of the people out there who fail, rest assured…it is not their fault. They just didn’t get the help and guidance they so desperately needed. If you don’t get the help and guidance then you are pretty much doomed to fail, again, through no fault of your own. I think it is just that so many people are trying to break free of the rat race, that they will fall for a lot of the programs out there today and give anything a try.

I have the opportunity that you are so valiantly searching for. I will give you everything you need to be very successful along with all of the support and guidance you could ever hope and pray for. I have the system, which if followed to the tee, will help you reap boundless success and put an end to your search and frustrations.

If you decide to not get involved today, it will still be there tomorrow. If you need to research and think about it, that is fine also. I won’t pull the webpage down if you don’t join in the next 48 hours and I won’t raise the price if you decide to not join within 24 hours. I will not resort to those kinds of tactics in order to garner your interest.

I am a real person in Tampa Florida and I am with THE TOP group in our company. I can teach you what is necessary to succeed. I do not use auto-responders and you can actually talk with me. I answer my phone and all of my emails, including ones from people who are only starting to look at opportunities.

I am looking for people who will let nothing stand in their way in order to achieve the success they so richly deserve. I can help set you free…are you willing to do what it takes to get there? Let me know…I am here for you!

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

What Do You Say?

Have you ever had these questions or concerns...?

"How do I get my prospects to see the big picture like I do?"

"What do you tell people when they say they don't want to sell?"

What is your response when asked in a fearful quippy tone, "Is this one of
those pyramid deals?"

One of the hardest lessons everyone must learn when it comes to sponsoring is the willingness to "just say no."

I want you to read those questions again and notice what each of them have in common...

Do you see it?

In every case, a hard working net worker is unwilling to let go of a bad prospect.

Please let this sink in... Sponsoring someone is NOT your goal here. Sponsoring the right person is.

The "right" person has a deep desire to start a home business and already sees the big picture. The "right" person knows exactly what a networking business is because they've been doing their homework at the local book store for months or investigating online.

The "right person" does not have ridiculous pre-requisites for owning a business like "I don't want to sell." The "right" person knows that it takes money to make money. The "right" person doesn't whine, complain, or make excuses.

So here's what I say when any of those questions arise...

"How do I get my prospects to see the big picture like I do?"

You can't get your prospects to do anything, nor would you want to. The desire MUST already be in place and it cannot be injected into them by you or anyone else.

It can only come from within that person.

Answer: "Thanks for your time John, but I don't think this is right for you."

"What do you tell people when they say that they don't want to sell?"

Again, trying to sponsor a person who asks a question like this is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

They're obviously not right for this business. Let them go.

Answer: "Thanks for your time John, but I don't think this is right for you."

What is your response when asked in a fearful quippy tone, "Is this one of those pyramid deals?"

This is someone who would "like" to make money from home, but they have no real intention of doing so at all. If they did, they would have done enough research by now to know the difference between a networking business and a "pyramid."

By now you already know my answer and here's my point...

You don't answer questions like these because the answer is irrelevant. These aren't the people you're looking for. Let them go.

Staying emotionally attached to the outcome with prospects like this will doom your business.

It leads to frustration, doubt, and confusion... All of which is unnecessary.

I started sponsoring people at will when I finally became willing to let them go... When I became "willing" to sponsoring someone, instead of "needing" to... When I held all the power in the interaction instead of my prospect.

I know that "letting go" of your prospects in order to sponsor more of them might seem backwards, but it makes perfect sense once you understand the psychology of attraction.

Your foundation of attraction is based on the level of value you have to offer others.

Coming across as needy or desperate in anyway is like holding up a sign in front of your prospect that says, "I have NO value!"

So it becomes very important that you demonstrate your ability and willingness to "let your prospects go".

Successful Partners don't" need" to sponsor more people. They don't "need" to return phone calls, or constantly chase down prospects.

And once a prospect realizes that about you, is the moment they'll feel a strong desire to work with you.

I hope this gives you a better insight into the sponsoring process. We're looking for the people that are truly looking for us.

Success Is A Choice, Make It Happen, See you at the TOP!!

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Choosing The Right Company

I am sure you will agree that Talk Fusion is such a fantastic product, a must have for any business as well as a great opportunity, if this is what you choose to do. Where can you find something that will give you both of these opportunities in one package!

What company gives you the opportunity to work with Mike Alstott of the Tampa Bay Bucs (for those of you who watch football) and who gives his endorsement for Talk Fusion Video Email! Mike is in my direct upline and is a fantastic mentor as well as an all around super guy.

The CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, has over 18 years of marketing experience and teaches/trains on a consistent basis! David Hooker, our Senior VP of International Affairs has over 36 years of experience in the industry. You want to talk about ground floor opportunity...we are just getting started. This is the time you WANT AND NEED to get into Talk Fusion! I am here to tell you how Talk Fusion may increase and help any business, no matter what it may be.

Talk about getting personal and having people remember you! You can keep your face and information in front of people in a way that you could never achieve before. PEOPLE WILL REMEMBER YOU and after all, isn’t that what being in business is all about?

Talk Fusion will even let you know when someone views your Video Email, if they send it to someone else and if they clicked through to your website! Can you do that with a boring old regular email, sending flyers or postcards?

I look forward to sharing more with you either for using Talk Fusion as one of your primary businesses or as a fantastic tool to use for YOUR business! Either way you will have a winning combination to help you in your quest. Just ask yourself one question: Who do you know that uses email?

I am not here to try and sell you or get you involved in Talk Fusion as a business if you are not interested but please do not short change yourself or the business that you are in. Talk Fusion is a product that will enhance your business and make your emails look much more professional and will bond people to you as well.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

Living Life On Your Terms

Just let me ask you one quick question: If you had all the money you could ever hope for and all the free time to enjoy it, how would your life be different? If you keep on the path you are on now, will you achieve the goals you have set for yourself and realize you dream of living life on YOUR terms?

Do you want to look at a HUGE business opportunity? If so, just follow the directions below and read this email all the way through. I promise that you will not be disappointed. It won't cost you one red cent to get the information so why not check it may be surprised.

I am looking for leaders; people who want to live the life of their dreams and who are not afraid of success. If this sounds like you then get the info. If not, then I am sorry I bothered you and I sincerely wish you the very best in whatever you decide to do in life.

One of the first things that will determine if we can work together is to see if you follow the directions in the information you receive…and I will know whether or not you do this. I am not trying to be mean or blunt but I will not work with everyone. If I feel this is not right for you or me then we will not go any further.

I am not a salesperson but a teacher. I am the person YOU need to work with because I will show you what needs to be done and lead you by the hand until you can do what I do. I don’t want to work with whiners and complainers or people with bad attitudes. I have an inevitable product and business so you can either do it now or later…it is all up to you.

What I have to offer you is not going away and is getting bigger every day. It will still be here if you decide not to get involved today…maybe next week or next month is better for you. Whatever you decide is Ok as I don’t push and would never want you to do anything that is not right for you. I really do want to help you and will prove it, but the next step is up to you.

I have an opportunity with the newest technology that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I will not try, nor do I want to sell you anything. You will see and grasp what I have to offer or you will not…it’s that simple.

You need to call me at 813-842-6131 or send an email to: with your name, best email address and phone number. VERY IMPORTANT…I need all of the information I ask for before we can proceed. If you like what you see, we can then proceed to the next step. In the unlikely event you do not like what I offer, just tell me why, and I will never contact you again. This business is not for everyone and I understand that.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group