Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Truth About Multi Level Marketing & Your Future

One of the old tales about Multi Level Marketing is being shattered as I write this. It used to be when you asked someone to join in your business here is the first sentence...Is this one of those MLM or pyramid schemes? I had an uncle, cousin, brother, dog, cat, horse, monkey or whatever that got involved in one of those things 10 years ago and lost his money...I'm not interested!

Direct Selling and MLM is THE ONLY industry that has had steady upward growth for the past 20 years! This is not just something I pulled out of the air people...It is a fact I can prove to you! Think about that, the ONLY industry that has seen this kind of growth! Should this not tell you something?

Look at the economy today and see for yourself what is going on! There is NO job security, massive layoffs and retirement plans and banks are collapsing! The average worker at age 62 will receive Social Security benefits of $1,083 a month. Over 96% of all Americans will retire financially dependent on the government, family or charity.

Multi Level Marketing is being taught in colleges today which just tells me it is a widely accepted and viable way to build wealth. In fact, it is one of the BEST ways to build wealth and guarantee yourself a better life. Never let nay-sayers stand in your way. I can't stand the thought of working for someone and have them telling me what I am worth and trading my life for the pittance which they will offer me.

I am sure you are aware of the fact that over 90% of people who are getting ready to retire really can't afford to. It breaks my heart to walk into some fast food joint, department store or gas station and see our senior citizens working just to make ends meet or to pay for food and utilities for the home they still owe money on. This IS NOT the way this country is supposed to be!

We all have to take the responsibility for our actions and get to where we can live our life on our terms! We need to get to the point that we are able to help people if they need it, give to charity, give to the church, hand a homeless person a $100 bill, pay someone’s doctor bill or save an animal or a beloved pet. This is what living on this earth is all about and nothing else. If I can help enough people get what they want, then I will receive everything I need.

Don Egnor
FFE-The Mastermind Group

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