Wednesday, September 24, 2008

“Tell Your Business Associates What Your Expectations Are For Them”

No matter what the business is that you decide to spend your time on, you MUST have the vision to see it through! Any Direct Selling, Relationship Marketing (this is my favorite term for the MLM business) you need to look where you are going, not where you have been.

It is just too easy to make the excuses that it won’t work for you. There are tons of people giving the same old BS excuse which is one of the reasons of why they aren’t successful, and never will be.

You are not a salesperson in this business, you are a TEACHER! In order to be successful you have to teach. This is one of the principles I talked about in a previous article on Magnetic Sponsoring.

When you sponsor someone into your business (note that I said sponsor, not signup) you have to train and teach them to be successful. You NEED to tell them what your expectations are for them! You also want people who are coachable.

If they can’t play by your rules, do what you say and take direction then they will only waste your time and theirs also. People must want to be taught or you may as well go beat your head against the wall!

You need to set the rules of the game...period, end of the story! Don’t call and try to beg people to get involved in your business. If you have to beg then they won’t be any good to you anyway. This is where they will become a burden to your organization.

I want to help the people in my organization who are floundering, and I will ALWAYS be there for them if they need me, morning-noon-night. One of my biggest reasons for living is trying to help people get ahead in this world.

People will get psyched up, fired up, enthusiastic and ready to go when they first get involved. If you don’t stay with them, teach them, show them and keep reminding them of why they got involved they will have a hard time making it in Relationship Marketing.

It doesn’t matter what MLM company you get involved in the bottom line it is building a relationship and don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

If you don’t like people, can’t make friends or aren’t comfortable interacting with people (even crowds of people) then you should go get you a 9 to 5 job and just be done with it.

I could never get that kind of job because I can’t stand someone insinuating (for whatever they decide to pay you) this is all you are worth. Get out of that scenario!

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

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