Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Living Life On Your Terms

Just let me ask you one quick question: If you had all the money you could ever hope for and all the free time to enjoy it, how would your life be different? If you keep on the path you are on now, will you achieve the goals you have set for yourself and realize you dream of living life on YOUR terms?

Do you want to look at a HUGE business opportunity? If so, just follow the directions below and read this email all the way through. I promise that you will not be disappointed. It won't cost you one red cent to get the information so why not check it may be surprised.

I am looking for leaders; people who want to live the life of their dreams and who are not afraid of success. If this sounds like you then get the info. If not, then I am sorry I bothered you and I sincerely wish you the very best in whatever you decide to do in life.

One of the first things that will determine if we can work together is to see if you follow the directions in the information you receive…and I will know whether or not you do this. I am not trying to be mean or blunt but I will not work with everyone. If I feel this is not right for you or me then we will not go any further.

I am not a salesperson but a teacher. I am the person YOU need to work with because I will show you what needs to be done and lead you by the hand until you can do what I do. I don’t want to work with whiners and complainers or people with bad attitudes. I have an inevitable product and business so you can either do it now or later…it is all up to you.

What I have to offer you is not going away and is getting bigger every day. It will still be here if you decide not to get involved today…maybe next week or next month is better for you. Whatever you decide is Ok as I don’t push and would never want you to do anything that is not right for you. I really do want to help you and will prove it, but the next step is up to you.

I have an opportunity with the newest technology that is unlike anything you have ever seen before. I will not try, nor do I want to sell you anything. You will see and grasp what I have to offer or you will not…it’s that simple.

You need to call me at 813-842-6131 or send an email to: with your name, best email address and phone number. VERY IMPORTANT…I need all of the information I ask for before we can proceed. If you like what you see, we can then proceed to the next step. In the unlikely event you do not like what I offer, just tell me why, and I will never contact you again. This business is not for everyone and I understand that.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

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