Friday, October 3, 2008

Working With The Right Leaders

My wonderful wife, soul mate and best friend Kathy were driving back from Indian Rocks beach yesterday after spending about 3 hours soaking up the sun and playing around in the surf. One of the 3 hours we were there was because of waiting on our son-in-law Dale to bring us the extra set of keys to my car.

One of my Business Associates Paul had called wanting me to speak with one of his prospects about our business. When I got something out of the trunk of my car then somehow the keys ended up being locked in that same trunk. I am going to blame Paul for it…although he doesn’t know it yet! I guess it was the excitement of the moment because we were helping someone take control of their life, so it was worth it.

Anyway…we were driving back and I got a phone call from a very nice fellow by the name of Scott. He was calling from Mississippi and was very surprised that I answered the phone…imagine that! We started talking about a couple of things and then he said something I will always remember.

Scott had found me on one of the forums on the internet about home based business opportunities and was really shocked at what he found. He said that he was really surprised that I put all of my contact information in the forum, which I do for every ad, blog and posting that I ever put out for the world to see. He told me that he rarely has ever seen that!

He said if he does run across it and tries to call someone they never answer the phone and if he leaves a message they will never call him back. I suppose people don’t put a lot of their contact info in there because of all the freaks and idiots around today…which I do understand that mode of thinking.

Folks, there are so many so called opportunities out there today and I am sure you get inundated with all kinds of offers for everything. I don’t understand why anyone would ever get involved with anything where you would not be able to actually speak with the person about the opportunity and I am not just talking about sending an email and maybe getting a reply in 24 to 48 hours. Some people say you can get in touch with them after you join the opportunity though. My question is…what good is that?

I would think that the person would want to speak with you before they actually gave you their hard earned money! I want to speak personally with people before they do and that because I don’t want everyone in my business! You, as the prospect for the business, should want to get all the information before you actually join the business. Hence this is why you have my contact info so you can find out who I am, how I think and what kind of person you would be dealing with.

To me that is so important! Scott seemed surprised because I was not trying to sell him something, which I think is great. To me the business I am in is not to just sell you, it is about building a relationship, being friends and finding out about each other. I will not sponsor everyone in my business because if it isn’t right for you I would not want you to even consider it. My biggest fear is your failure because I don’t want to see you fail…period! That is what it should be about and not just making the “Quick Buck.” The money is not that important to me…the relationship is, both personal and in business.

If you can’t speak with the person before you get involved then how can you be sure they will be there for you when you really need them? Will they be there if you need a question answered or to speak with one of your excited prospects about YOUR business? Will they be there for you if there is a problem and you need help getting it resolved? I have never seen anything that can be put off for 24-48 hours…especially in the business world...your business world!

So…all of my contact information is below and please keep one other thing in mind. In an age where the term "job security" is becoming non-existent, massive layoffs are becoming as common as white bread, retirement plans are in jeopardy and banks are crashing -- if you were presented with an opportunity to take the reins of your OWN life and create your own destiny, would you REALLY take it? Or would you make a bunch of excuses about why it’s impossible.

I believe it's VERY possible. After all, a wise man once said, "You can either MAKE things happen, WATCH things happen or ask WHAT happened." If I can ever help you in any way please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call me as I love helping people achieve their dreams. I hope everyone is having a fantastic day…as I am!

Don Egnor
FFE-The Mastermind Group

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