Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Industry That Is Set For A MAJOR Explosion!

I usually tend to write all of my own material and not use other information I find all over the internet. Today though I am going to write and pass on something my friend Jonathan Budd sent me the other day. Jonathan is a very successful marketer and entrepreneur and is really committed to helping everyone he can. You can see more of him at: OnlineMLMSecrets.com so hopefully I can let more people know about him and his way of doing business.

The first thing I want to say is that the above link is not an affiliate link, I do not get anything for sending you to the link nor do I expect anything from Jonathan. I do this because he is a fantastic person and everyone can benefit from his expertise. He has been in the trenches, came out of them and rose up in a blaze of glory so Jonathan is the epitome of success and I would advise everyone to pay close attention to him.

In the event you do look over his information though, please feel free to tell him that Don Egnor sent you his way and I am a really cool person! Who knows…he may give me a gazillion trillion dollars for sending you in! In the event he does this then I will personally bail out our great country, fire a bunch of people and let the entrepreneurs run our country. At least if I can do this then the American people will have someone helping them that are actually in touch with reality.

First off…Jonathan and I could CARE LESS about what is happening in the economy. Now before you pull out the tar and feathers let me explain to you why I say that. We all need to fully realize that our financial situation and how much wealth we can create has nothing to do with what the masses are doing or what is happening in the economy. Just look at past history if you will for a moment…some of the greatest fortunes have been made in massive times of financial stress.

Money does not just disappear; no one is out there burning up money and money is always exchanging hands. When one group is losing money then another group is making it. All that is happening on our planet now is a transfer of wealth. Just look at it this way…the truth is starting to finally emerge. People were living on illusionary money because they bought more than they could afford and were borrowing money to do it. It was money they really didn’t have and was not in alignment with the “liquid capital” they created.

Money will be transferring from “old money” to NEW MONEY. More and more people will become wealthy because of what we are seeing right now and there is ONE industry (Network Marketing / Direct Selling) that is set for a major explosion. Traditional jobs are drying up, paying less and everything is getting tighter, especially consumer loans. You need to think about this…where are all the ambitious people going to be turning when they decide to take their financial life in their own hands?

They will be looking to the internet, direct selling companies, good MLM companies (they are out there) and finding the opportunities that will really let them have control over their life and everything that goes with it. Today you have the EXACT same opportunity in front of you and fortunes are being made as I am writing this.

The only question is…which path do you want to travel down? Do you want the path of scarcity and fear or do you want the path of abundance and appreciation? It’s really that simple. Once you pick which path you are traveling down…just eradicate everything else from mind that is counter to your choice. Reality is and always will be what you make of it. Your beliefs will shape your own life 100x times more than what is coming from the “talking heads” on your TV every single night & day.

I know there are fortunes that will be made as wealth transfers from one group to another. I know that our industry is going to be one of the last TRUE sources of real opportunity for people who have more spirit and determination to invest than they have money. There is plenty of money and abundance out there…you just have to want it bad enough and know the principles of attaining it.

There will be enormous amounts of people coming on line within the next 12-24 months and the internet is going to be awash with people looking to start a business and earn more income. There are 175,000 people in the US and over 500,000 worldwide that get involved in a Direct Selling/MLM company every week! We have the ONLY industry that in the past 20 years has steadily been climbing with NO DOWNTURNS.

Find yourself a GOOD company with great support; get hooked up with all of Jonathan’s information, let me help you (this is what it is all about anyway) take your destiny in your own hands and prosper in these times. Ask yourself this; if you were presented with the opportunity to take the reins of your own life and create your own destiny, would you really take it? Or would you make a bunch of excuses about why it’s impossible?

I hope you have enjoyed this and thanks again for letting me share information with you. As always, I also want to thank Jonathan for letting me use some of his writings. Jonathan, you are the best and truly an outstanding individual…may peace and prosperity always be with you my friend. Call or email me if I can ever help anyone, in any way!

Don Egnor
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