Sunday, November 2, 2008

NEED Is Not A Powerful Motivator...

If you want to make a change, it has to be a WANT, not a NEED.

I have been studying successful people all my life. No one ever became rich because they needed it. NEED is not a powerful motivator. If that was true, any Joe Tow Truck driver out there would be rich.

You have to WANT it. So when you "talk to yourself", what do you say?

This is what I say:

I'm in constant competition with myself, I'm my worst critic, I'm always measuring my hunger to achieve and making sure that I'm not becoming lazy. Also to remember that I'm not getting too comfortable, that I'm as hungry as I was, back when I was BROKE.

I constantly reflect on these things to keep my hunger in check. And it reminds me of the four things that lead to my success.

1) Having an extraordinary will to achieve.
2) Taking massive action in spite of personal challenges.
3) Having no fear of making mistakes or trying to be perfect.
4) Taking myself seriously and making becoming successful a top priority.

I had no time for excuses and you can only do one or the other...not both.

Those four things were and still are an important part of my success.

And it's the lack of these four ingredients that cause most people to
"drift" through life and reach old age as failures. The harsh reality is that more than 95% of the people do just enough in life to get by.

They do just enough, so as not to "rock the boat", so that they can
arrive at their graves safely. And when you think about it, it's sad. The #1 reason most people don't become millionaires because they are coached by the wrong people.

Now I ask you this...who's your coach? Who are you listening to? Who's giving you advice on how to make money?

Did anyone ever become a millionaire because of their coaching and advice?

Are you reaching your full potential? If not, why not? Is it possible that you have the wrong information? Is it possible that you are not inspired enough to get really rich? Are you willing to accept the right mentor?

I can tell you this...whether you work or not, you have the wrong information
or you bought into the wrong business model.

First, I never, never, never work by the hour. It's never profitable enough.

Then I asked myself these (6) empowering questions every morning:
1) What would I attempt to improve today to make my business faster?
2) What can I do today that will make a breakthrough in my program?
3) What can I do today that will bring me closer to achieving the goals I set for myself to accomplish this week, this month or this year?
4) How would I feel right now and how would I behave if I knew that I was totally successful and unstoppable?
5) What will the next (6) months of my life be like if I don't totally commit,
totally follow through, take action and make things happen now? What will they be like if I do?
6) What can I do today that will teach and empower my partners and affiliates to become the very best they can be and earn as much as possible?

I asked myself these questions every morning when I was broke and had nothing.
I continue to do this every morning even now.

Don Egnor
FFE - The Mastermind Group

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