Friday, December 5, 2008

Are You A Victim of the Dreaded “NBT” Syndrome?

How do you like that question and what do you think it means? If you don’t know then you have to keep reading to get the full understanding of what it is and how it affects your life and your business.

The “NBT” will keep you from achieving success in life if you become a victim and can’t control what it will do to you. If you know what it is then you already understand the consequences of this killer syndrome.

The “NBT” will eat away at you like a flesh eating virus with no cure. It will cause you to have sleepless nights, terrible days and an overwhelming feeling of dread and insecurity and really make your life miserable.

This syndrome will cause you to make bad decisions, give up, not finish what you started and lead you down the path of indecision and ruin. It will make you snap at your friends and family, kick the cat or dog and throw your computer out the freaking window!

I used to be a victim until I got the help I needed to understand it and learn how to handle and overcome the problem. The “NBT” has cost me thousands of dollars and quite a few of my friends and acquaintances.

Thankfully, I have gotten most of them back after I realized what the issues were and begged for their mercy and finally got them to forgive me. It was not an easy thing to do though, because I thought they were the problem because I was the guru, and nobody knew more than I did!

How many emails and phone calls do you get on a daily basis from someone trying to get you involved in their “NBT” world? These individuals feed off people like you and I and promote the “NBT” as if your life depended on it and make you have nightmares if you don’t listen to them.

They will give you stories, screen shots, testimonials, videos or whatever it takes to pull you in. They can make it sound like you will fall off the face of the earth, never have anything, never be successful and nobody will hang out with us if we don’t listen and participate in their “NBT”.

They will say this is your one chance in a lifetime, price is going up, and taking the page down among hundreds of other ruse’s and so called incentives in order to get you to jump on board now. This is just my opinion but I don’t understand why anyone would want to deal with people like that.

Once you make up your mind to start a business, be it totally internet driven, person to person, MLM, direct selling (relationship marketing) or whatever, then you should not let the “NBT” get between you and your goals. It will make you second guess what you are doing and make very bad decisions, which ultimately will hurt you.

Do yourself a favor and don’t get involved with any opportunity, until you are 100% sure of what it is that you actually want to do. Do not just jump on something because someone said it is the “NBT”…do your research and make sure. Once you do start your business then don’t let anything or anyone sway you from your goals and dreams.

You need to be totally focused on what you are doing and devote your time and resources to that business. If you subscribe to the “NBT” then you most likely will not be very successful in what you are pursuing. The “NBT” will poison your mind and make you feel like you made a bad decision about your business.

Don’t lose sight of what it is that you are trying to accomplish with your business, stay away from the negative people (sometimes your friends and family are the worst) stay true to yourself, be persistent, never give up, always be there for your team, always be willing to go above and beyond and most important of all…do not fall for the pitch and the ploy of the “NBT”.

When you start your new business, then you don’t need the “NBT” because you already have it! If you are still looking for the “NBT” then you have already made a mistake with what you are doing. If that happens then you may as well scrap everything and just start over, because you will always be unsure and hesitant. Then you can be among the thousands of people that are still looking for the Next Big Thing.

Don Egnor
TFF-The Mastermind Group

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