Monday, December 22, 2008

Do You Have That “Easy” Button For Your Business?

So you have been looking for weeks, months or years for that perfect business which is going to set you free from the corporate rat race, answering to someone else all the time and promises to let you live life on your terms. You are supposed to make enough money to travel, get that new house, new car, boat or new airplane.

You feel like you have finally run across the perfect opportunity, with the right product, right pay plan, the best mentors, the right systems with all the help you should ever need. You were sponsored into the business, given your new website, got your shiny new brochures and have everything in place you need to get started making that serious money, and it has been a long time coming.

You have been on the webinars, conference calls, talked to your upline people, interacted with associates who have been in the business, read and re-read all of the information you could get your hands on. You are excited and ready to go kick some serious butt and set the world on fire! You are going to be the next “Diamond” in your company and nothing is going to stop you.

Here we go…you approach some of your friends and family, tell them you found that “Once in a Lifetime” opportunity, they just have to join you, they won’t get another chance and this is the deal that will set all of them free! They look at you and say…are you crazy! They think you are a real goofball for getting involved in anything like that and start hiding from you when they see you coming.

Then it hits you like a ton of bricks up side of your big head…BAM! You start thinking to yourself, what did I get myself into here? Where is that freaking “Easy” button when you need it? This was supposed to be “Easy” and all I had to do was what everyone told me and I would make all the money I could ever hope for! Then you start thinking like 95% of the other people out there…I made a mistake, it will never work, I can’t do this and I wasted all that money.

Welcome to the world of the Internet Marketer, MLM’er, Direct Sales, Relationship Marketing or whatever term you have for it. Whoever told you this would be easy just lied to you, pulled the wool over your eyes or hoodwinked you…period. Were you really that naïve as to think all you had to do was sign up and put your income on autopilot in the beginning? Wake up and smell the Starbucks coffee…I am going to shout here…WAKE UP!

Nothing worth having is ever easy and you need to remember that my friend. You will never get anything for next to nothing or free. Anything you will ever get in this life will cost you something in return, be it time or money so if you got involved in any business and expected there would be no work involved, then you need to have someone kick you…after you kick yourself first. There isn’t and never will be an “Easy” button for any business, I don’t care what it is!

This is one of the main reasons that 95% of people that get involved in an MLM or Direct Marketing company will fail. It takes work and you have to be able to handle rejection. When you go out and start telling people about your new business, you should be looking for the no’s. If you go out and expect to get all yes’s then you are going to get a shock, give up and eventually just quit…like that other 95% do. Then you are just going to set yourself up for failure, which is not why you got started in business for yourself.

The biggest thing that drives me in my business is my “Why”. Why do I get up in the morning, why do I talk to everyone about my business, why do I feel sorry for those that do not join me, why do I smile and move on when someone tells me no and why do I keep doing what I am doing? I don’t want to retire and depend on my family, charity or the Federal Government to take care of me.

According to the Social Security Administration, when we retire then we will collect on average, a whopping $1083 a month in benefits for all of our hard work. Give me a freaking break already so listen up, because I am going to yell again…WAKE UP! With all the other junk going on today like stocks falling, 401K’s losing value every day and Real Estate values tanking, all these huge companies getting bailout money, massive layoffs and now the Big 3 automobile manufacturers asking for money, are you as comfortable with your nest egg as you once were?

There have been more millionaires made from MLM and Direct Selling than any other industry in the world. This is the only industry that has seen an upward spiral for the last 20 years and even major corporations use the Direct Selling model in their business. Direct Selling is one of the best things you can be involved in at this time in our history if you do what you need to do and stay away from all of the negative crap that some people say about it. They will be the one’s that fail at it and never really give it a fighting chance anyway…so who cares about them?

You need to take the right posture with your business and let people know that you don’t really care if they join your business or not. You ask yourself why I would say that. I can say that because it is true and it is the way that I feel…I don’t really care! I live by the 4SW rule…Some Will, Some Won’t, So What and Someone’s Waiting. You need to take that posture also, find your “Why”, never give up and never say “I can’t do this”. The minute you utter those words then just give up and go back to your job…if you still have one.

Please remember also there is no “Easy” button for anything you ever do in your life. When you talk with people that tell you any business is easy then just turn around and walk away so you can save yourself a lot of time and grief. If you have the guts and perseverance to stick with it though, the rewards can be outstanding, not only in time and money but the quality of life…if you find the right company to work with because I am living proof of that. If you are still looking for that “Easy” button then go to Office Depot because I will tell you this, they are the only one that has it and the only place you will ever see it…I’ll guarantee you that.

Don Egnor
TFF-The Mastermind Group

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