Friday, January 9, 2009

How Are You Different and Unique…In The Sea of Competition?

What do you differently on a daily basis to make sure you aren’t just like everyone else doing the same old thing? How do you set yourself apart from the masses? How do you convince someone to join you and your business when everyone is pulling at them from all different directions?

Is there a huge trick to getting peoples attention to share your story with them, your “why”, the things that drive you and why you are the one they need to join. Is there a magical elixir that can be spread through the internet, phone lines, texting, through Skype or whatever, to get them to listen?

Are there trigger words, splash pages, auto responders, capture pages, mind control or emotions to get them interested in you and your opportunity? When you find out where any of the above stuff can be bought or rented from then let me know because I want to see a fool and his money parted.

There is nothing on the free market to be had that will give you the power to control people and make them do your bidding…at least not on this planet. Just look at all of the marketers on the net today trying anything and everything to part you with your money and they must have some of that coveted fairy dust that’s going around!

The big problem is that some people will believe all of the empty promises and BS. When this happens they waste their money, time and resources to go out and hustle for 6-8 weeks or longer, and not get anything in return for the work they have put in. This in turn gives them such a bad experience so they will never look at anything else.

The biggest secret to get people on your side and to like you is simply to be real, honest, a true friend and above all, just be yourself. Don’t try to be a fake, don’t try and sell anything to anyone or push them into doing anything they don’t want to do or anything there is any hesitation about.

You should offer to help them in any way you can, and mean it when you say it. If you don’t or won’t follow through on what you say or what you start then how can you expect anyone to respect or listen to you? When you do things the wrong way it will come back eventually and bite you where it hurts.

One of the worst things you can ever do is just throw your business in someone’s face with even asking if they really want to look at it. This is the biggest problem I see today on all of these social sites and people using them the wrong way. These sites are for making friends, contacts and developing relationships…nothing more!

You should make them aware you are in business and have information readily available if they want to explore it further, but let them make the decision when they are ready to look at what you offer and the things you can do for them. The worst possible thing you can do is try and shove something down their throat.

People do not want to be sold on anything; they want to sell themselves on it. This is just human nature and we can’t change it. I think it is due to 1000’s of years dealing with club and wheel salespeople from Stone Age times to used car salespeople today, no pun intended folks…I was one of those guys for 20 years before I found a way out.

You need to really care about and enjoy meeting and working with new friends. If you come across as anything else then people will shy away from you and tell their friends about it. If you come across as a salesperson then just quit what you are doing and go back to selling cars, wheels, clubs, houses or whatever it was that you were selling.

You see, there is a principle in our world called "The Value Proposition" and basically what that means is...

Money and Success will come back to you... when you offer enough value to the marketplace and the people you come into contact with. But most network marketers don't think like this and they are running around out there 'Spamming People'. One of the sites I am on is terrible for this so I am going to delete my account with them.

Every time someone puts a comment on this site and my page, (no names mentioned) all they are doing is “Spamming” me, and I hate it with a passion. I started out just stopping their emails and comments but other people have started doing it. No way would I ever pay any attention to these people because they do not have my best interest at heart.

When you really are trying to help people and are sincere about it then this is the way you will come across. If you try and “fake it till you make it” then you are just setting yourself up for failure and this is not the end result you are looking for. If you don’t have the right system and teacher this will be your end result.

Always treat people the way that you want to be treated, never lie, never make empty promises and always do what you say you are going to do. I know this is “old hat” to some of you but will be eye opening to others and they really are looking for that perfect opportunity so who knows…it could be you they are looking for, so treat them with the utmost respect when you come into contact with them.

They could be your next associate or business partner and will rely on you to help them get started off on the right foot…so don’t ever let them down.

I hope everyone is having a great day…as I am and always do!

Don Egnor
TFF-The Mastermind Group

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