Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to Save Time and Leverage Properly With Your MLM/Direct Selling Business

The hope of entrepreneurs lives and dies based on time. Money can really come and go, but the aspirations of so many entrepreneurs are fleeting because they don't know how to manage their business effectively.

They give up so quickly because of fear that time will catch up to them or that they will run out of money in the time they have allotted in their mind. The truth is that you can really always find money, you can't bring time back. These are some simple areas to look to leverage your time well to get to your success faster.

1. Money- You should look to save a lot and spend wisely. Many people put money in areas that are not going to bring them any money back.

2. New Associates- Get referrals from your customers and use it to impact others. This will save countless dollars in marketing and advertising.

3. Star Associates- Protect your most productive associates and use them as sounding boards for everything that you do. They have the understanding of what is going on in the battlefield and their opinions will always be valid. Be willing to wrestle ideas with a panel of members from your company to find out what will bring the greatest amount of success.

4. Systems- Learn how your business will operate the best and let it run by itself without you pulling it along. These systems have to be simple, easily understandable, and the most effective way to empower your associates with the steps they need to make you, and them, the most profit and people coming into their business.

5. Cutting Edge- Be ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and systems. You will be very attractive to customers, media, investors, and employees. Make sure your opportunity has the newest cutting edge product.

6. Research and Development- When you have found what areas you can improve in or gain ground on the competition then make sure that you move correctly to find out what the consumer is really missing today. Quality is a priority before quantity.

7. Create an Avalanche of Excitement- The funny thing is that you probably already have the answers to a lot of questions, but you are not looking close enough to see what is making your business special. Find that unique selling point and announce it to the world. You will create an impressive niche.

8. Reputation- Create a brand that is credible. How many commercials do we see of companies claiming to be patriotic and how that is supposed to appeal to an American consumer like apple pie? Create your own apple pie image that will make your Granny come with a fist full of dollar bills.

9. Focus- Don't multi-task or you will spread your energy and put in mediocre efforts and it will be noticeable after a while. Make a list and get it done in order each day. This will save you hours.

10. Walk Away- One of the hardest things that any entrepreneur can do is be willing to step back and let the process happen. Many want-to-be entrepreneurs feel it is necessary to micromanage every aspect and that will frustrate your associates and misuse their skills. You are only burying their talents and missing out on more financial success.

I hope you are having a fantastic day…as I am and always do!

Don Egnor
TFF Mastermind Group

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