Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Best Network Marketing Secret - Revealed

Although many people scoff at network marketing as a pyramid scheme, it is one of the best business models available to entrepreneurs today. The problem is that most people who start out in the business don't know how to market properly and/or they expect unrealistic results "right away" with little to no effort on their part. Therefore, they quit and go back to their job telling everyone around them "what a scam network marketing is," just to justify their own failure.

Why Most Network Marketing Prospects Fail

96% of people who enter into network marketing ultimately fail. That's right, only four percent actually succeed and stick with it.

Why is this? This network marketing virus is caused by business leaders who place ads that have phrases in them like, "It's easy, anyone can do it," "make thousands from your own home in three weeks," "100k in six months, guaranteed," etc.

Network marketers place these ads because they want their marketing to produce the most calls and leads. Yes these ads do pull a lot of calls, however they are the wrong type of people at the other end of the phone.

People who respond to these ads do not have what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur. They are looking for the next get rich quick scheme to give them monumental success in a very short period of time without really learning the business and applying themselves.

These prospects may seem really eager and determined at first, but that will quickly fade as they realize that network marketing is no joke. Most prospects come in with such high emotions that they get crushed and depressed when things don't work out for the short term.

To be the best in network marketing you need to be calm and collected no matter what happens with your business. Otherwise you will be an emotional roller coaster as the ups and downs of this business will ride you into insanity.

What the Best Network Marketing Gurus Know

Ever wonder why only such a small percentage of the network marketing population makes over six figures a year? It is because they know a few things others don't. If you want to become wealthy you need to know what it takes to be the best:

* Clear, specific goals
* Persistence
* An unwavering belief that you will succeed
* Dedication (time and resources)
* Willingness to learn
* Positive Thinking
* Excellent marketing and business strategies

The Best Network Marketing Secret

If you want to learn the best network marketing business building technique you need to first understand why someone would be attracted to join your opportunity. I know it may be hard to believe, (because of the generic training tapes your company gave you about how great their product is) but people do not join your organization for the opportunity or the product.

There are a ton of network marketing opportunities and products that are all great and offer many advantages and benefits, so why bore prospects with the same crap everyone else is. Remember you are going after quality when you are looking for prospects, not quantity. So only market to people who already understand the network marketing model and believe in it.

Put yourself in their shoes. If they already understand the network marketing business model wouldn't they be looking for the best opportunity that offered them something more than an up-line who wants to make money off of them? This is the secret - you need to offer them an opportunity to join the best team in network marketing (your up-line, your down-line, and you).

Make it clear to them the goals of your team and that you are looking for other distinguished leaders to join and help grow the team. Finally, offer them ways to become the best by offering great educational business resources. This way they can continue to improve on their network marketing skills without having to go out and find the information themselves.

If you follow those steps you should be able to build an efficient and effective network marketing business. Remember to be the best you need to be persistent, learn from failure, and never stop educating yourself on how to improve in the business.

Don Egnor

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